Meet our new friend Clara Cares, inspired by Clara Barton! You'll see her around on social media, providing tips and information for The Careshop community!

Starting with her father, Clarissa "Clara" Barton dedicated her life to helping others through their medical ailments. She continued her practice during the Civil War, first organizing medical supplies and then treating soldiers on the front lines. She was so effective that she was eventually put in charge of the Union hospitals, leading to her nickname-the Lady in Charge.

Barton went on after the war to Europe, where she encountered the International Committee of the Red Cross. She was so inspired by the medical organization that she brought it and its ideals back to America with her. Thus, Clara Barton is the founder of the American Cross, dedicated to disaster relief and the assistance of those in need across the country. She served as the first president of the association, helping pave the way for it to become the organization it is today.

We're so excited to have Clara Cares on our team!